A Note to International fans - Australian online stores sell Secret Life of Us products, some of which ship internationally. EzyDVD stocks the first two series of the show on DVD, and they're all multi-region PAL formatted.

The products listed below are the products I own myself. There are two more soundtracks out, but they're both single discs.

Soundtrack #1

Disc 1:
1. Motor Ace - Death Defy (theme song)
2. 78 Saab - Karma Package Deal
3. Waikiki - More
4. Magic Dirt - Pace It
5. Sounds Like Sunset - Each Time You Smile
6. The Daisycutters - Sick Day
7. Pollyanna - Particular People
8. Something For Kate - You Only Hide
9. Abi Tucker - Everybody
10. Pound System - Know Who You Are
11. MGF - Not Afraid Of Romance
12. Not From There - Frisco Disco
13. ON inc. - Size Does Matter
14. The Titanics - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
15. Snout - Tomorrow We Sing
Disc 2:
1. Abi Tucker - Everything
2. Wicked Beat Sound System - I Don't Wanna Know
3. Chakradiva - Drive
4. MGF - Unsent Letter
5. Waikiki - Love Is
6. Pollyanna - Beestung
7. Leonardo's Bride - Dreamship
8. Deadstar - Texas
9. 78 Saab - Iris Ann
10. Paul Kelly with Monique Brumby - Melting
11. Christine Anu - Beat Of Your Heart
12. Suzie Higgie - In Between Worlds
13. Jackie Bristow - Stay With You
14. Butterfly 9 - Goodnight


Volume 1: Episodes:
"Telemovie", and "The Unbelievable Truth".
Special features:
Interview: Claudia Karvan
Episodic synopses
Picture gallery
Volume 2: Episodes:
"The Garden of Gethsemane", "The Rules", and "Expect the Unexpected".
Special features:
Interview: Joel Edgerton, Judi McCrossin
Episodic synopses
Picture gallery
Volume 3: Episodes:
"The Road Less Taken", "What Am I?", and "The Secret Life of Us".
Special features:
Interview: Spencer McLaren, David Tredinnick
Episodic synopses
Picture gallery
Volume 4: Episodes:
"State of Limbo", "Love Sucks", and "Fallout".
Special features:
Interview: Sibylla Budd, Damian De Montemas
Episodic synopses
Picture gallery
Volume 5: Episodes:
"Secrets and Lies", "Better the Devil You Know", and "The Gap".
Special features:
Interview: Abi Tucker
Music Video - "Everybody"
Episodic synopses
Picture gallery
Volume 6: Episodes:
"The Butterfly Effect", "Piggy-in-the-Middle", and "Intimations of Mortality".
Special features:
Interview: Samuel Johnson, Amanda Higgs
Episodic synopses
Picture gallery
Volume 7: Episodes:
"A Friend Indeed", "Men on the Verge", "The Doorway", and "Now or Never".
Special features:
Interview: Deborah Mailman
Episodic synopses
Picture gallery