The Secret Life of Us

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Updated 2011: The entire 4 seasons of The Secret Life of Us is now available to purchase in a giant box set from Umbrella Entertainment.

This is a fan site, created by a fan. I'm a university student, and although I have time to watch the show itself, I don't have all the time in the world to do updates all the time. If you're looking for the official website, you can find it at the following address:
Because the show now has an official website, that contains pretty much everything I have here (from when I actually went to see it, when it was brand new), there's not much need for me to update this site constantly anyway. I had created this website almost a year prior to the official website being online. Also, Please don't contact me assuming I have anything to do with the show.

Channel Ten's hit drama The Secret Life of Us was originally about 8 friends who all lived in the same apartment complex in St Kilda, Victoria. As the series progressed, the characters Jason, Richie and Will have moved out of their apartments, leaving Miranda, Gabrielle, Alex, Evan and Kelly behind. All of these characters, minus Will, are still part of the show. In episode 2.09 ("Controlling the Universe"), a new character, Christian, was introduced to replace Will.

Series 3 saw more changes still. Jason left the show, and Tidy was introduced. Chloe became a full member of the cast when Alex married Rex and they left the show after episode 2.06. George became a full cast member when Miranda left in episode 3.12.

This website was created to explore the full extent of the best Australian drama series around. It's a series that's not afraid to show the complexities and realities of life. Nudity, drugs, homosexuality - all integral aspects of this drama. And of course, it's nicely touched up with a bit of classic Australian humour.

The first series began to air in the UK before airing in Australia, despite being an Australian series. Four weeks later, it aired in Australia with inspiring reviews. Not everyone got the series when it first started, but as the series progressed, people watching the series due to word of mouth reviews must have been enormous. As one cast member said, "you either love it or you hate it." And that's exactly right. If you watch one episode now, you'll more than likely become hooked, even if you know nothing about the characters. I myself have inspired numerous people to watch just one episode and they've not been able to stop. I hope this website will help encourage even more people to watch this brilliant series.

This website may contain spoilers for the series, but only if you haven't seen the episodes that have gone to air in Australia.