Episode Guide

Series 2

Episode 1: "A New World Order"

Episode 2: "Free Will"

Episode 3: "The Dance"

Episode 4: "An Ill Wind"

Episode 5: "The Grand Delusion"

Episode 6: "It's Not Easy"

Episode 7: "A Fine Line"

Episode 8: "Make Up Your Mind"

Episode 9: "Controlling The Universe"

Episode 10: "Between A Rock And A Hard Place"

Episode 11: "The Funny Side"

Episode 12: "Who Do You Want To Be Today?"

Episode 13: "From Little Things Big Things Grow"

Episode 14: "Rose Coloured Glasses"

Episode 15: "Have A Little Faith"

Episode 16: "The Great Divide"

Episode 17: "Sweet Revenge"

Episode 18: "Signs Of Life"

Episode 19: "The Searchers"

Episode 20: "Walpurgisnacht"

Episode 21: "Do the Right Thing"

Episode 22: "Truth is Beautiful... But So Are Lies"